What a long, fun trip its been I have the great fortune to work with some of the most passionate and incredible people I’ve ever met, and half of the organizing team for TEDxVictoria 5 joined me on a trip to TEDxPortland at the end of May for a weekend of ideas, fun, and possibly-too-much-bourbon. […]

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Fury Road

2000 horsepower of nitro-fueled war machine   It’s been 30 years since Mad Max went Beyond Thunderdome, and 34(!) since the world learned the story of the Road Warrior. The wait has been so long that one wonders if anything could possibly live up to the dream of a sequel truly worthy of the name […]

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Changing the world

It all starts with ideas As the ball gets dusted off and starts rolling on TEDxVictoria 5, the familiar questions I’ve been asking myself since the beginning start coming back to me: Do people even care about TEDxVictoria? Does TEDxVictoria matter? What does an event like this even accomplish, if anything? Isn’t it all just […]

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2014 in Action (film)

I am not alone in thinking that action movies are usually stale. It’s hard to conceive at this point, but it has actually been 22 years since Hard Boiled, and there have been very few fresh, new, and exciting action films released since then. Now, I’m talking pure action films – movies made solely by […]

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TEDxVictoria 2014

Reflection After each of the first three TEDxVictorias I was so energized and excited that I was compelled to write about my experiences immediately. Memories, moments, and thoughts would flood into my conscious mind after the event and it was all I could do to try and capture some of them for my summary. This year was different. […]

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My Heroes

“If you’re going through hell, keep going” The above quote is from none other than Winston Churchill, perhaps the most quotable person in history next to Jesus or Kanye West (although obviously for different reasons). It’s a comment that I still think of routinely, as I elect to build my life into a complex series […]

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Tar Wars

Attack of the food poisoning clones During an exciting bout with food poisoning that left me 5-10 pounds lighter I reconnected with Star Wars. Like many fans that grew up with the original trilogy, I wasn’t a huge fan of George Lucas’ second trilogy. Sure, the FX were impressive and the lightsaber battles were more awesome […]

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